Heavy Combat

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About Heavy Combat

Heavy Combat will take you into shooting battles on many different maps, these maps all contain interesting missions waiting for you to explore.

This game will give you the opportunity to become commando soldiers. You will be using different weapons to fight different enemies on many levels. After taking on missions at different levels, you have to find enemies to destroy them. About how to control the character, you use navigation keys such as arrow keys or WASD keys to move. Use the right mouse button to aim and the left mouse button to shoot, you use the Space key to jump. There are also some other functions, you need to participate in to discover the full potential of this game.

Introduce 3 interesting maps

This game will take place in 3 main maps, Old Prison, Abandoned Factory, and Desert Town, each location will have 10 different challenges. First I want to introduce Old Prison, this map is quite narrow so players will use knives and melee combat. This map will be divided into different rooms with a narrow view, players must move continuously and destroy enemies. The second map is Abandoned Factory, this map is still an indoor map but has a wider view, here, players will use different sticks to fight enemies. The final map is Desert Town, this is an open map and players will be able to use guns. This is a town in the desert so you almost won't find trees on this map, the only thing stopping you is only houses. Every map has its interesting points, choose your favorite map and fight.