Hexa Dungeon

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Introduce Hexa Dungeon

Do not miss the fierce battles in the Hexa Dungeon game. You will play as a knight who must destroy the wave of zombies. Are you ready for this?

As I said above, you will have to play the role of a hero who must protect the kingdom from the onslaught of zombies. These zombies are very aggressive, you have to kill them quickly. Will you be able to complete this quest? Join this game on the Bad Ice Cream website now and prove yourself as a soldier.

Kill the zombies

You need to destroy the gems on the board to create the power to kill zombies. To be able to destroy the gem you must connect at least 4 gems of the same color together. When you destroy 4 gems you will create a power ball of 6 and hit the zombie. You destroy a chain with many gems to increase the destructive power of the power orb. Each zombie will have a health bar on its head. You drain this health bar to kill the zombie. Similarly, you will also have a health bar, you will lose when this health bar is exhausted.

Control: Use the mouse to connect the gems.