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The rule of the Hole.io game

Can you swallow everything on the map and become the leader on the leaderboard? Join the survival Hole.io game and challenge your abilities.

All players in this game start out in a small hole. To increase their size, small holes must constantly hunt and their prey is anything that exists on the map. Players can even devour each other, depending on the mode the effect it causes will be different. In the early stages of the game, your size is quite small so you will also have difficulty swallowing small objects. You have to move slowly and wait for items to fall into your hole before you can move. If you move too fast or move before the object falls into the hole, you will not be able to eat the object. You will not increase in size immediately after you eat the object but it will accumulate until the amount is increased in size. Once larger in size, you can move faster and swallow anything you like.

Fight with other holes in two modes

This game will take place in two different modes classic and Be the Last Hole. In Classic mode, you will have to fight other players for two minutes, where you must try to get the highest score on the leaderboard. Here if the players swallow another player, the swallowed person will be stopped for five seconds and the swallower will score five points.

The next mode is Be the Last Hole, this is a real battle for survival when you have to devour other players to become the leader. Those who are swallowed will have to end their match immediately and this game will only end when the final winner is found.