Idle Mining Empire

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The descriptions of Idle Mining Empire

Idle Mining Empire is a role-playing game where you will act as the miners, you need to earn enough required amount to unlock different levels.

This game allows you to play the role of different miners and complete different jobs. The work of these miners will be divided into many different levels. Each level will have a different requirement for the amount of money earned, you must complete this required amount to be able to unlock different levels. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you cannot replay a level you already played so enjoy it before moving on to a new level.

The task of miners

As I said above you will be playing the role of 3 miners with different jobs. The first miner will be below the mine, this miner will do the mining of minerals. Each time mining minerals, this miner will earn $ 20 and this amount can be accumulated. The second miner will be responsible for bringing up minerals, this miner will control a vertical line and bring minerals to the ground. The last worker will be on the ground and this worker's job is to receive minerals and sell them. These miners are quite lazy, so after completing a mission you have to click on them to stimulate them to move. You have to work really hard to pass the levels and become the boss of the mineral mine.