Idle Restaurants

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Introduce Idle Restaurants

Idle Restaurants gives you a chance to become a restaurant manager. You will have to organize the staff and please all the other guests in the restaurant.
The first thing you need to do in this game is to hire a chef and arrange tables and chairs for guests. Each plate of food you serve to guests will receive 1 coin, and this money can be used to upgrade the speed of the chef. In addition, serving these guests flavors will help you level up the restaurant. When the level is upgraded to a certain level you will be able to open many new branches for the restaurant. Let's play and become the boss of the biggest restaurant chain in this game.

Upgrade your restaurant

You need to upgrade the restaurant to earn coins faster. The first is to upgrade the chef based on the number of stars. The higher your chef's number of stars, the more expensive the food they make. In addition, you can also upgrade some other criteria such as its speed, capacity, and price. You will use 100 coins for each upgrade and this price will also increase based on the number of times you upgrade.