Key and Shield

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About Key and Shield

Key and Shield is an adventure of a lady warrior on an island. In this game, she has to fight and rescue her friend who is trapped in the metal cage.
This warrior will have to move through many locations on an island. Her friends are trapped in iron cages on this island. Each one of her friends will be trapped in a different iron cage, it is equivalent to different levels. You must control this warrior to move to the location of the cages on the island and rescue them. To make up for the challenges, this game created some obstacles, such as rocks and fleas. These obstacles are also upgraded, depending on the level you are playing. In addition, you should collect coins when participating in this journey. The coins will help you buy items, improve your strength and overcome obstacles faster.

How to control

You can only play this game on a laptop and use some directional buttons to control your character. You can move using the WASD key or arrow keys, some other function keys are L, Z, S, and so on. Where you use the L and Z keys to launch the shield S key and the up arrow key to fly up in the air.