Ludo Legend

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About Ludo Legend

Play the Ludo Legend game and bond with friends. This is a 4-player game where players will fight each other and find the winner. let's fight.

If you have ever played the Parcheesi game, then you will be no stranger to the principles of this game. A battle between players will take place on a chessboard. This chess board has been divided into 4 different parts equivalent to 4 countries. Each country will have its own horse army, the player must lead his army to the finish line first and win. Login to the Bad Ice Cream website, create perfect strategies, and become the ruler in this game.

The rule

Each player will have a dice and an army of 4 horses. The player rolls the dice and chooses the turn for his horses, the number of moves of the horses is the number that appears on the dice. However, before you can control your army on the map, you need to hit the number 6 to help your horses out. You can attack other opponents by passing another player's tank and kicking it back to the barn. If you roll a 6 dice you can go one more time. This game will end when one person brings all 4 of their horses to the finish line.