Magical Jigsaw

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Challenge yourself in Magical Jigsaw

Let's challenge your creativity in the Magical Jigsaw game. Here, your task is to arrange the different pieces to become a complete picture.

This game gives a picture that is cut into pieces. These pictures have themes ranging from landscapes to humans. You need to put these pieces together to form a complete picture. To be able to put together this picture, you need to know the composition of the picture. You should arrange the puzzle pieces in order from the member of the picture to the center. In addition, the edges of the puzzle pieces will have a straight edge so you can identify them better. You can also arrange the shapes in the picture by color layout. The colors are easier to identify than small details. Moreover, you can also rely on the shape of the puzzle pieces to arrange their position.

Control: Use the mouse to place the pieces.

Why Magical Jigsaw stimulates your creativity

In this game, you will have to arrange the puzzle pieces to become a complete picture. These puzzle pieces are colorful, it stimulates your brain. Game challenges will make you think and find different ways to put the pieces together. Thus, it stimulates your creativity