Merge Cafe

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Some features

Merge Cafe brings you into the world of famous coffees, where you will serve your customers by merging coffee cups together to create a new type of coffee.

There are many customers waiting to enjoy your coffee, however, the shop only has 8 seats. So you need to quickly serve customers to serve other customers, if you keep them waiting for a long time, they will get angry and leave. Customers will have different requirements and they will make requests when ordering, you have to create the type of coffee that the customer requires. This mission needs agility and good judgment, are you ready for this exciting mission?

Introducing coffee in Merge Cafe

This game has many different types of coffee waiting for you to explore, in which the blue coffee cup is the default coffee cup of the game. After you merge 2 cups of both green coffee it will produce a cup of white coffee with milk. You continue to merge 2 cups of coffee waste that white you will create canned coffee. Continue merging so you will create a cup of cheese cream coffee, this journey will never stop. The more coffee cups go through the merger, the more expensive they will be, and when you create a new coffee, your coffee breaker can automatically make it. The coffee machine will automatically make coffee within 3 seconds, but sometimes when customers want to use it, you can also spend 62 cents to buy a green coffee cup and create new coffee on customer's demand.