Merge Melons

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About Merge Melons

Play the Merge Melons game and enjoy the great moments. Here, your task is to arrange the fruits together to complete the target of the game.

Different types of fruits will appear in the upper corner of the screen. Your task is to adjust the drop position of these fruits so that they can merge together. When two similar fruits touch each other, they will merge to form a larger fruit. The smallest fruit that you can merge is a lemon. After you merge 2 lemons together it will form mangosteen. You keep arranging the fruits together until the largest fruit is merged, which is the watermelon. Are you ready for this exciting game? Access Bad Ice Cream to play.

Control: Use the mouse to click on the screen the choose the drop position of the fruits.

Use the helpers

As the area of the board is limited, you can use some helpers to get more space to arrange the fruits. In addition, when arranging the drop position of the fruits, it will have a displacement. You can use the help right to rearrange the position of the fruits. The knife has the ability to remove one fruit from the board. The dumbbell has the ability to completely remove a fruit of your choice from the board.