Mini Rocket

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Play Mini Rocket

Mini Rocket is a game that helps you train your reflexes. Your task in this game is to control the slim and eat all the coins in the open maze.

You have to control the slim and move around the map and collect the coins. However, in these labyrinths, there will be flames, your slim block will melt when touching these flames. So your main task is to avoid the sparks and go collect the coins. This task will not be difficult when you have good reflexes and logical thinking. Let's play this game that proves your thinking ability.

Control: use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control, your slim will move following the direction of the key.

Conquer all the level

This game will create many different levels to challenge your ability. The condition for you to complete a level is that you must collect all the coins in the maze. When you complete the mission new level will open automatically. Also, in the new levels, what you face will no longer be flames. An open maze has opened more difficult obstacles that make it difficult for you to overcome the level. Don't miss these challenges!