Om Nom Connect Xmas

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The rules of Om Nom Connect Xmas

Immerse yourself in the Om Nom Connect Xmas game. Here you will have to connect the tiles together so that you can remove all the tiles from the board.

This game is a combination of 2 themes, Christmas and Om Nom. These tiles will be images of Om Nom preparing for Christmas. Your task is to find tiles of the same types and remove them from the board. To delete these tiles, you must connect them together. The condition to be able to tell the tiles to each other is that they must be the same and not be blocked by any blocks. You keep connecting the blocks together until you run out of tiles or can not find the same tile anymore. When you can not find a tile to connect, use some of the game's helpers. you use the shuffle to shuffle the position of the tiles. You can also tap the magnifying glass icon to instantly find the tiles. Hole the rules and conquer this game. Play this game on Bad Ice Cream.

How to control

You use the mouse and click on 2 tiles that you want to connect them together, then they will disappear from the board.