Papa's Freezeria

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Play as a barista in Papa's Freezeria

Experience the work of a barista by playing the game Papa's Freezeria, where you will receive orders and have to make drinks to satisfy customers.

You will play the role of the new employee of the beverage shop Papa's Freezeria. The 2 main characters of this game are Alberto and Penny, you will choose one of your 2 characters to play this game. Alberto is a careful guy with black hair, he will bring the most attentive service to customers. Penny is an energetic brunette with brown hair, she has the ability to communicate well with customers and keep them happy during the meal. Choose the character that suits you best and bring great drinks to your customers.

Serve customers delicious drinks

The customer service process will go through four stages, it includes order station, build station, mix station, and top station.

  • Order station: Here you will have to record the customer's drink, the customer will make some special requests for their drink. You must document these requirements in great detail as it affects the final product and the amount of money you earn. After you have finished recording the order for the customer, you bring it to the build station to make drinks.
  • Build station: This is the most important stage, it determines the quality of the product, you must pay attention to each component and even the smoothness of the product. You glue the order sheet and add ingredients and grind it then decorate at the mix station.
  • Mix station: Here you decorate the product with the materials that the customer wants and make it as eye-catching as possible.
  • Top station: You bring the finished product to customers, they will evaluate the product you make and give you tips. The more the product is right for the customer, the higher your tips will be, in the early stages you will not be able to create the desired product, practice a lot to create the best drinks.