Pet Rush

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Introduce the elements in this game

Pet Rush will bring you moments of entertainment when collecting elements on the board. You need to collect elements to bring the co-pets together.

The game has 3 main elements: wind, water, and love. The water element has a teardrop icon and is located in a blue box. The love element has a heart icon inside a pink box. The wind element has a wind icon and is located in a yellow box. These elements will lie in a straight line moving towards the bottom of the screen. Your task is to collect these elemental blocks.

The rule of the Pet Rush game

As I said above, these elements will appear in a straight line moving toward the destination. When you see three or more elements of the same type standing next to each other, you click to remove the elements from the map smoke. When reaching a certain number of points, the pet will appear. You remove elemental blocks to rearrange the position of the pets. After arranging enough pets, you click on the pets to delete all the elements on the map. This action will also take you to the next level immediately.