Pizza Tower

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Introduce the bosses in Pizza Tower

Are you ready for fierce battles in the Pizza Tower game? Here, Peppion will have to fight the bosses. Let's show your ultimate power and conquer this game.

In this game, Peppion will face different bosses and it is divided through many levels. First of all, the Noise, it is the strongest boss. This boss can combine many different types of power with taking you down. For example, when it jumps on it will create a huge energy and hit you down. In addition, it also has the ability to combine cheese with slime and create a bullet bar that shoots continuously at you. The next dangerous boss is the final boss. It has the ability to speed up running and chasing you. If you get caught by this boss, the game will be over.

How to take the boss down

The battles of this game will take place continuously and you will fight the boss in the middle of the screen. Your HP is calculated by the number of chef hats you hold, and the opponent is the cake. With each attack, HP will decrease until you or the enemy lose all HP. You will get an extra 1 chef's hat if you successfully attack the enemy more than 3 times. In this game, the loser is the one who runs out of HP first.