Retro Drift

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Show your driving ability

Retro Drift is an interesting car game, where you will have to control your car to move on a dangerous road and not let your car fall into the cliff.

This is a simple driving game, you will participate in a narrow track high above. Here, you will not have to compete with any players. This game simply wants to test your driving ability. This road takes place in the air so you just need to keep this car moving as far as possible. You need to be extremely flexible to be able to move for a long time on this road. Let's play and show you driving ability.

Control: hold the mouse to steer and release the mouse to go straight.

Some notes when playing Retro Drift

This is a race that takes place in the air, so it is quite dangerous, you need to pay attention to a few things. This track is quite slippery so after you turn in your direction you have to turn a little earlier. If you turn late, you will easily fall into the cliff. You have to be very focused because this game has many turns, which makes it difficult for you to determine the direction.