Rotated Cups

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Introduce the Rotated Cups game

Rotated Cups are challenges involving balls and cups, you have to pass the ball through the cups and get it to the place of the cup at the bottom.

As I said above, your task is to move the yellow ball over the cups and get it into the cup at the bottom of the screen. This ball will be placed in a cup above, you use the mouse and rotate this cup so that it falls into the cup below. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the cups above the air are linked together, this means that when you rotate the cup, the remaining cups also rotate at the same time. There are cups that have been rotated in the right direction, which means that the mouth of the cup has rotated into the correct position where the ball falls. In many cases, these cups do not rotate in the right direction you have to turn quickly to be able to catch the ball. If the ball moves out then you lose and you can start the game again.

Conquer the interesting levels

This game will last through many different levels and the challenges through each level will also be updated. In level 1, you will face the very simple task of turning a cup and putting it inside the cup. As you progress through level one, the game becomes hard to match the increase in cups, which makes it take longer for you to complete the mission. Even on one level, the game creates horizontal bars that prevent you from getting the ball to the finish line, you need to be very flexible to be able to pass this game. This game transitions through many levels and it will save the levels that you have passed you also have the right to choose the level you want to play, however, this free choice of level only applies to the levels you have conquered. This game is available on Bad Ice Cream, you go to this website and enjoy the game,