Runner Multiplayer

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Join in the journey of Runner Multiplayer

Runner Multiplayer is an alien in space. In this game, you have to control this character to avoid the death holes and go far in the tunnel.

An alien is lost in space, now, he is facing a giant tunnel. In this tunnel, there are deep holes. He must avoid these death holes and continue his journey in space. You need to use the keys on the keyboard to control your character. Use the up arrow key to jump. You use the left and right arrow keys to steer the left and right and change the edges of the tunnel. Let's play this game on Bad Ice Cream and try to go as far as you can in this tunnel.

Discover the different planets in 2 modes

You can play this game in 2 modes: Adventure and Infinite. In adventure mode, your journey will be divided into many different levels. Your levels will be automatically forwarded during the move. These levels are like checkpoints, when you die, the game will automatically bring you back to the previous level. In infinite mode, you will be exploring many different spaces, this journey will go on endlessly. When you die, you will be returned to the starting point but on a different planet.