Shark: Feed And Grow

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About Shark: Feed And Grow

Shark: Feed And Grow is the survival journey of a shark in shallow water, here, the shark has to find and hunt smaller prey and increase its size.

A newborn shark is trapped in shallow water, your mission is to free the fish from this water. To be able to rescue the fish you need to increase its size, the only way to increase its size is to hunt. You control this fish to find prey smaller than it in the sea and eat it. This fish will grow very slowly so you have to hunt as many fish as possible to make this fish grow faster. As this fish grows, it will be taken to a larger sea where it can find larger prey. In the early stages, you will be bullied by the big fish but as you grow the size of this fish it can even eat up the fish that were once bigger than it is. Hunt hard to increase your size and become the ruler in this sea.

Hunt the fish

This is a survival game where you need to hunt creatures smaller than you and avoid creatures larger than you. In the early stages, you can only eat smaller creatures like humans, crabs, and small fish, you need to avoid sharks and sperm whales. But animals that are larger than you can also become your prey when you are large, any creature in the lake can become your prey. You move the right mouse button to move the fish, when it touches the prey you will automatically eat it. Similarly, when you touch a fish that is bigger than you, you will be eaten by this fish and you lose. You should be patient to hunt to increase your size and come back to eat these large fish, eating them will bring more benefits than small fish.