Sheep Fight

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Defend in the Sheep Fight

Do not miss the intense fights in the Sheep Fight game. You have to come up with reasonable defenses against the invasion of the black sheep.

In this game, you will have to lead a herd of white sheep and try to resist the invasion of black sheep. This battlefield will be divided into 5 different runways. The sheep of concentration will appear according to the arrangement on these runways. You pay attention to the arrangement of the enemy to arrange the defense system. The amount of sheep that you can use in the game is endless, but you need time for this sheep to respawn. Each time sheep are used, they will need 5 seconds to respawn. You must quickly use the sheep as soon as it respawns to gain an advantage over your opponent. There is a blood bar at the bottom of the screen, you lose if your blood bar is exhausted.

Use the help

The game also creates a number of athlete sheep to help you in the match. If you call out a sheep weighing 10 kg, you will get 7 points for winning. The number of points that you get will gradually decrease with the increase in weight of the athlete sheep. So when you call out an athlete with a weight of 80, the number of points you win is only 10.