Sheep Hop

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The challenge in Sheep Hop

Sheep Hop is a simple puzzle game. You have to control a sheep and help it jumps over the wood piles on the river and reach the shore safely.

A little sheep is stuck on a wooden stick in the river, it needs your help. You will have to adjust the direction of the sheep's jump to help it jump over the wooden stick. This game will challenge your alignment as wooden stakes appear in different positions and at different heights. You have to be very careful to help the sheep jump precisely on these wooden stakes. Each time you jump over a wooden stake you will get one point. The more wooden poles you jump over, the higher your score will be. Play this game and set records.

Rescue the sheep out of the river

You use the mouse and drag it down to align the direction of the sheep. The tighter your pull, the higher the sheep jumps. You have to pay attention to this tension because you will lose if the sheep jumps off the screen. After you have aligned the jump direction, you release the mouse to help the mouse jump over the wooden poles. Try to jump over as many wooden stakes as you can