Slope Ball

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Rescue mystical creatures Slope Ball

Are you ready for the adventures in Slope Ball? In this game, you will have to control your character to move at a fast speed and overcome obstacles.

Slope Ball is the adventure of discovering new lands of the ball. In this game, you will control your character to save 3 types of mystical creatures. The first creature is the T-rex dinosaur contained in the Xpart region, the second is the giant python of the land of Truth, and the last creature is the flying dinosaur of the Dark Trip land. To rescue these creatures you must complete the challenges of 11 levels. Are you ready?

How to complete the mission

To be able to conquer new lands you must control your character to complete missions. Your character will move on an inclined track. Your character will move forward automatically. You use the mouse or the up arrow key to control your character to jump up and avoid obstacles. To be able to unlock new levels, you need to complete the race in one run. During this run, you must not let your character touch any obstacles. If your character hits an obstacle, your character will be returned to the starting point and you have to start over.