Solitaire Big

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The principle of Solitaire Big

Solitaire Big is a simple sorting game where you have to arrange the cards in order from smallest to largest and the cards must be of the same suit.

The rules of this game are quite simple, you have to arrange the jumbled cards into four columns of the same suit and the same color. These cards are divided into six different columns and only one of the cards in these columns is revealed. You can flip these cards by arranging the cards above them in another position. There are two positions where you can arrange these cards, which are the other columns of the table that have four cards by suit. For six columns on the table, you arrange according to the rule from high to low, and consecutive cards must have different colors. Conversely, if you arrange the cards into the four columns in the upper right corner of the screen, the cards must be arranged according to the rules from low to high, and the cards in the same column must be of the same suit. There are also some auxiliary cards in the upper left corner of the screen, these are the rest of the deck, which you use to link the cards in the columns.

Conquer the difficulty mode of this game

As I said above this game has auxiliary cards, this game has 2 game modes depending on these auxiliary cards. The first is single-card mode, which means you can open cards one by one and find cards that can be linked together. The real difficulty of this game is played in 3-card pick mode. This means that you have to open 3 cards in a row and you also determine the value of the cards but you can only use the card on the top. To be able to get the card below you need to arrange its top card to another position. In general, the difficulty of this mode will be multiplied many times and very few people can overcome it. Play this game and become one of the few who can conquer this mode.