Square Run

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The challenge in Square Run

Play Square Run and experience the exciting race in the tunnel of thorns. You will have to control a square block and pass obstacles to reach the finish line. This is an extremely difficult challenge as you will have to constantly face rows of sharp spikes and deep holes. With just a little carelessness you can also fail. You use the mouse or the up arrow key on the keyboard to control your character. Every time you face a monster, you click the button to jump. When you complete the taskbar at the top, you can complete the game's mission. In addition, this game also takes place on many different levels, you can choose the difficulty and level you want to play. No one has been able to conquer all the levels of this game. Let's play and be the first one to conquer it.

The benefits of playing this game

This game requires you to be quick because the obstacles will appear continuously on the road. In addition, it has a fast rhythm, you must have flexible hand movements and good reflexes to be able to face obstacles. Therefore, this game helps you train your reflexes and your flexibility Join the Bad Ice Cream site now and show off your abilities.