Stickman War

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Participate in the battle in Stickman War

What are you waiting for without playing Stickman War? Here you will be able to show your shooting ability by completing tasks through each level.

Stickman War is a skill game where you will have to aim and kill stickman. The stickman will move quickly across the screen. You need to be quick to aim and defeat these stickmen. This stickman moves at a fairly fast speed, so the game requires you to be agile. Since you are only provided with a certain amount of ammo, you must aim accurately. If you use up all the ammo and still haven't completed the target of the game, you lose? Are you ready for this challenge?

Control: Move the mouse to aim and then left-click to shoot the stickman.

Play Stickman War on several levels

You will enjoy this game through many different levels, each level is a separate target. The difficulty of each level also increases with the level. You can only unlock a new level when you complete the target of the level in front of it. Currently, the game has 81 levels, play this game on the Bad Ice Cream website and conquer all the levels.