Subway Surfers Mumbai

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Discover the Mumbai city

What are you waiting for without joining the expedition in the Subway Surfers Mumbai game? Help Jake escape the police chase and extend the World Tour.

Mumbai is a large city in India, this is a familiar land for those who love exploration. The city is a large metropolis and a land rich in culture and tradition. Now, follow Jake and explore this exciting land. However, this journey is hindered by the policeman. Let's help Jake escape the pursuit of this policeman. Will you be able to complete this mission? Play this game on Bad Ice Cream now and join the exciting world tour!

Escape from the pursuit of a policeman

Jake wants to open an adventure to explore interesting lands. However, this journey is troubling because this boy is being chased by a policeman. Your mission is to help Jake escape the pursuit of the police officer. Thus, you will have to control Jake running non-stop in a subway station. Meanwhile, Jake also has to avoid the obstacles on this ship. Use the up arrow key to jump over obstacles. Press the down arrow to slide. Click on the left and right arrow keys to move left and right.