Sushi Party

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Participate in the battle at Sushi Party

Sushi Party is a Japanese food party and also a fierce battle between worms. Let's eat as much food and become the biggest worm on the leaderboard.

Every worm in this game starts its life at a tiny size. You need to control this worm to collect food on the map and raise its size. Every time you eat food, your worm will get a little bigger. You should look to large food yards to increase your size faster. You can also eat power-ups to hunt food faster. These power-ups appear at random locations on the map.

Note: when you eat a power-up, your worm will increase its movement speed, you have to be more careful because moving at a fast speed will be more difficult to control.

Control: Use the mouse.

Tip to raise your size faster

Do you know the most lucrative prey on the map is other players? Let's move quickly over the other opponent's head and destroy them. After death, these players will be transformed into food chains. You will grow very fast eating these food chains. This tip is only for the brave. Are you brave enough to overcome these challenges? Play this game now on the Bad Ice Cream website and get a high spot on the leaderboard.