Tap Skaters Online

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The special track in Tap Skaters Online

Play Tap Skaters Online and take part in an adventure skateboarding on the construction site. You play as a naughty boy who skateboards on an elevated track.

You have skated in the city or on the track, but this game will surprise you when you skate on the construction site. This construction site takes place at a high altitude, so it will be an extremely dangerous journey. Your skateboard will automatically move forward, left-click to change the slide. You will be automatically redirected according to the slope of the track. On the construction site, there will be construction items, the game will end when you touch these items. Don't let these obstacles stop you. Play this game on the Bad Ice Cream website and get the highest score.

Tips to conquer the construction site

This is a racetrack that takes place on a construction site so you have to quickly change direction between the crossbars. Sometimes there are horizontal bars in the same direction, so you have to jump off them quickly to avoid hitting obstacles. You must quickly pay attention to the next horizontal bars to be more active in the navigation.