Tap the Frog

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The Tap the Frog game overview

Tap the Frog will definitely bring you an unprecedented entertainment experience, you just need to click on the frogs to complete the tasks on different levels.

This game is very interesting when you have to go through challenges between levels, especially since these levels will have completely different rules. Although these levels have different rules, you only need to click on the frog to be able to overcome these challenges. The interesting thing is that you will collect stars to unlock the next levels and these stars will accumulate through each level. For each level, you will receive a maximum of 5 stars. When you collect all 5 stars in these levels, you should play in the next levels to collect stars. If you keep playing at these levels, you can also get some achievements. Next, I will introduce the rules of some simple levels of the game.

Some rules in the levels

  • In level one, the rules are very simple as you just need to click on the screen to make the frogs disappear. Basically, this level is made to get you familiar with the mechanics of the game, you can collect stars very easily in this level. In addition to the stars, you can also collect some trophies by making these frogs disappear.
  • In level two, this game becomes more challenging as you have to get these frogs across a river. On this river, there are rocks or logs. You need to click on the jump icon on the screen to help the frog jump over the logs. You click left to jump up 1 step and click left to jump up 2 steps. When you fall into the river you will be taken to the location before you fell and you will play until the timer runs out. You can also extend the playing time by collecting clocks.
  • In level three, you need to make these frogs have the same color, each time you touch the frog it will change color once. You can choose to change the color of any frog as long as you can change the waves as quickly as possible. There are also countless other levels, you quickly unlock the levels to be able to explore these levels.