Temple Maze

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About Temple Maze

Temple Maze is the expedition of a boy in an ancient temple in Egypt, this boy must choose the right direction to be able to escape the maze.

This maze will be placed at a horizontal sight, which means you won't be able to pinpoint the exact exits of the maze. Besides, this game also creates a blue mist to reduce your vision, it makes you unable to find the exit. Every action in this game must rely entirely on your judgment, if your judgment is correct you can quickly pass the maze. If you guess wrong you will lose more time or not be able to complete this task because this game has set time. For each maze you will have 1 minute to complete the challenge, the time will be counted from the time you step into the maze.

Control the boy

You will use the mouse to control your character, this boy will move in the direction indicated by the mouse. While exploring this maze, you must not only navigate but also face traps. The most common trap is the thorns, when touching these thorns, you will lose blood shown by the hearts in the upper left corner of the screen. At each level you will have 3 hearts, you will lose when you lose all your hearts or run out of time.