Tiny Fishing

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About Tiny Fishing

Some descriptions of Tiny Fishing

Are you ready for exciting gaming moments in the Tiny Fishing game? Here, you will fish in a giant aquarium and upgrade your rod to fish more.

Tiny Fishing is an interesting fishing game, it promises to bring you exciting moments. You will play the role of an old man who is fishing in an ice tank. You drop the fishing rod and adjust the direction of the fishing rod to catch the most fish. To be able to bring the most profit, you need to upgrade the fishing rod. However, to be able to upgrade the fishing rod you need to fish first. So, let's fish the big fish and make a lot of money.

How to fish

You use the mouse and click on the icon on the screen to release the hook. You drag the mouse to fish the fish you want. You also use the mouse to click on the icons on the screen to upgrade the fishing rod.

Types of fish in the Tiny Fishing game

The game has countless types of fish, they appear in different water levels. These types of fish will bring you different profits. High-value fish will appear in the deep water layers. You need to upgrade your fishing rod to get access to these fish. The basic types of fish will appear in the surface water (depth from three to five meters). These fish are blue and bring you 10 dollars. The fish in the deeper water are the silver ones, it gives you 15 dollars. Next is the green fish, these fish will be worth 25 dollars. The yellow fish are the most valuable ones. The small goldfish will earn you 100 dollars. Big goldfish will win you 150 dollars.

Custom and update your own rob

Upgrade your rod to access valuable fish

Your basic rod will catch up to three fish, you need to upgrade to be able to catch more. Each time you upgrade the rod, you will catch more than one fish. The amount of money you have to spend to upgrade will also increase each time you upgrade. As mentioned above, high-value fish will appear in the deep water. You upgrade the length of the fishing line to be able to reach these fish. Like a hook. The price will increase every time you upgrade. In addition, you can also make money passively by upgrading offline earnings, but this method will not bring as much profit as fishing. Let's upgrade your rob and fish as much fish as possible.

Custom your own hook

In addition to upgrading your fishing rod, you can also buy your favorite hook in the game's store. Currently, the game has nine hooks with different designs. Typically, a hook with a lucky grass symbol or a hook with a cat symbol. You need to spend 500 dollars for each unlocking rod, these hooks will appear randomly. Unlock all the hooks to choose the one you like.