Tiny Town Racing

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Complete the mission in Tiny Town Racing

Join the exciting driving journey in the Tiny Town Racing game. Here, you need to avoid other traffic and drive to the checkpoint within the allotted time.

Tiny Town Racing is a driving game where you can show off your top driving abilities. Your task is to avoid the cars moving on the road and drive your car to move to the checkpoint. The time for you to move to the checkpoint points is 30 seconds. If you can't move to the checkpoint for 30 seconds, you fail. While driving, you need to avoid other vehicles, because when you collide with these vehicles, your car will slow down. This takes time and makes it impossible for you to complete the game's mission. In addition, the game has acceleration to help you complete the mission faster. These accelerations appear randomly on the road. You collect enough 3 traces to be able to move at a fast speed for a short time. While using acceleration, you don't have to worry about an accident. On the contrary, when an accident occurs, you also receive money. What are you waiting for without playing this exciting game right away?

How to drive the car

You move the mouse to control your car.