Traffic Command

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The challenge in Traffic Command

Do not hesitate to participate in the Traffic Command game. Here, you have to play the role of traffic police who prevents traffic accidents.

During rush hour, vehicles will pour into the road in high volume, which will cause congestion or accidents. In order to avoid accidents, the city needs a traffic controller. And of course, when you play this game, your task will be to control the traffic. Play and complete your mission excellently. What are you waiting for without joining Bad Ice Cream to play this exciting game?

How to control the traffic

Congestions and accidents often happen at intersections, so your task is to stand at these intersections and control the traffic lights. You use the mouse and click on the screen to change the traffic light. The means of traffic in this game only trust traffic lights. When the light turns green, vehicles in the same direction will move. Conversely, when the light turns red, the vehicles will stop. However, when you leave these vehicles will honk and complain. These complaints will affect your promotion. Moreover, you have 3 chances to make a mistake. If you use all 3 chances, you will be fired. Let's control flexibly between lanes and successfully complete your mission.