Train 2048

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Challenge yourself in the Train 2048 game

Train 2048 will help you practice logical thinking through puzzles. These puzzles are arranging the positions of the blocks to provide energy for the train.
In this game, you will play as a train driver who is controlling a train. To help this train move forward you need to merge blocks together to generate energy. Each time you merge blocks, the train will move forward. If you create a combo of merged blocks, the train will move faster forward. Let's create a long chain of combos do not let these trains stop.

Principle of arrangement of blocks

As mentioned above, your task will have to arrange the blocks together. These boxes will have exponentially increasing values of two. For example, the ascending order of the boxes will be two, four, eight, and sixteen. Therefore, when the two boxes merge, their values will be doubled and they will be merged right at the place of the block you have placed. This game only ends when you fill the ship. One note is that the next blocks will appear right at the drop position of the previous block. Therefore, you should not fill any column on the train.