Trap the Tiger

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About Trap the Tiger

Trap the Tiger will not disappoint you with very interesting gameplay, you have to know the light-colored tiles become dark to be able to trap the tiger

This game will challenge your intelligence when you have to capture a tiger in a trap, this trap is created by the tiles on the map. This game is opened by tiles placed side by side on a board, on one of these tiles will appear a tiger. Usually, this tiger will appear in the middle of the board, you need to keep this tiger forever. This game has also created different levels to challenge you, the color of the tiles in the levels will also change randomly. When you complete the challenge the game will take you to the next level, if you lose the game will take you to level 1. This means that just one mistake all your efforts. will disappear, but this game has up to 50 levels, will you be the one to conquer it?

The principle of this game

You capture the tiger in a trap by turning light-colored tiles into darker-colored tiles. Every time you turn a light tile into a dark tile, the tiger will also move in an unknown direction above the tiles. You complete the challenge by making the tiger surrounded by 6 dark tiles, which makes the tiger unable to move. This game will end when you complete the mission or the tiger escapes your trap. One thing that you don't notice is that this game has a scoreboard, the number of points that you get each time you complete a level is calculated according to the number of light-colored tiles left on the map. The fewer light tiles you use, the higher your score will be, your score will also be accumulated through the levels.