Tricky Brick

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The task in Save The Doge

Save The Doge requires you to rescue the dog from the attack of bees. In this game, you will have 10 seconds to draw a shield to protect the dog.
Your main task in this game is to rescue the dog, sometimes you will have to rescue two dogs. These dogs are being attacked by swarms of aggressive bees, these bees are doing everything they can to attack your dog. You can only use ink to draw a shield that protects the dog before the hive is activated.

Complete the mission

This swarm of bees will attack your dogs within 10 seconds, this means you have to keep the dog safe for 10 seconds. You have an ink bottle in the upper corner of the screen, you use your mouse and activate the paintbrush to draw shields. You can paint anything to protect your dog, but you have to make sure it can survive the attack of bees. This ink bottle will be divided into 3 parts, each part will correspond to a star. Depending on how much ink you have left after completing the mission, the game will evaluate the score of the mission for you. The more ink you have left, the better your mission will be, play this game smart to become the player with the highest rating.