Two Tunnel 3D

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All challenges in Two Tunnel 3D

Are you ready for great challenges in the Two Tunnel 3D game? Here, you can challenge your reflexes by controlling two balls at the same time.

A ball will move forward automatically in a tunnel. In this tunnel, there will be empty cells and if you fall into these cells you will die. Your main task in this game is to jump over empty boxes in the tunnel and try to go as far as possible. You control these balls using the arrow keys or using the WASD keys. However, the keys that actually work are the left and right arrow keys, which will move your ball in the correct direction of the arrow. You can't actually jump up to avoid these holes, you can only move left or right to avoid it.

Train your reflexes

You can train your reflexes by controlling two balls at the same time, but this is not required, you can choose between two game modes.

  • In single-player mode, you can use the arrow keys or the WASD key to control your ball. This mode allows you to practice your flexibility as well as get familiar with the game's mechanics. The map of this game is only laid out when you move to that location, so you cannot get familiar with the map but can only get acquainted with the game's mechanics.
  • Two-player mode allows you to practice your reflexes, in this mode the screen will be divided into two halves and each half is a different type of ball. The blue ball will be placed on the right and controlled with the arrow keys. The red ball will be placed on the left and you control it with the WASD key. These two balls will use the same map but they have different controls so they will bring a huge challenge for you.