Vega Mix: Fairy Town

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Together with Vika combine gems to create magic in the entertaining game Vega Mix: Fairy Town. Restore the Christmas spirit and prepare for a brighter new year.

Christmas hasn't come yet, but Vega Mix: Fairy Town really attracts players with brilliant graphics, vivid sound, and addictive gameplay and it is extremely entertaining. It helps players cool down in the summer on high and extremely hot days. Let's play together and prepare for a warm and happy Christmas.

Players take on the challenge of connecting identical gem shapes to remove them from the screen. Need to combine at least 3 similar shapes into a group to destroy them. Completing the mission without exceeding the allowed number of moves and breaking large numbers of gem blocks will help the player score high scores.

If you match four or more gems in rows or columns, the score you gain is also very large and it creates gems with extremely terrible destructive power. It can destroy all the gems present on the screen. This will help you complete the task fastest and score the highest score. The power-up stones can be in the shape of rockets, planes, bombs, and flowers. All of these items have destructive power.

Join the game and perform tasks such as cutting down trees, sweeping snow, and breaking ice to make the town clean and beautiful.

How To Play

Use the mouse to play.