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Join the fight in Venge.io

Let's join the fiery battles in the game Venge.io. In this game, you have to pick up the gun and try to kill all the other opponents on the map.

Venge.io is an intense fight where you will have to fight 15 other opponents. You will not have any equipment when participating in this battle. You have to quickly go pick up guns and fight other opponents. You should pay attention to the 4 sides to not be attacked by surprise by other opponents. In addition to guns, this game also has other weapons such as grenades and knives. You throw a grenade at a location on the map. Enemies in the area of effect will be killed, and you gain one point on the leaderboard. A knife is used for close-range attacks, however, it is not an effective weapon in this game.

Control: Use the keys on the keyboard to control your character.

The maps of Venge.io

This game has 5 main maps. Sierra is the main map of the game with many small layers, suitable for full actions. Tundra is a map with rugged terrain, where the aiming race opens. Mistle is the largest map, which creates a lot of opportunities for sniping. The 2 remaining maps are Temple and Sandstormblitz. Don't miss the fiery fight on these maps. Check out Bad Ice Cream to play.