Water Pipe

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Your mission in Water Pipe

Do not be afraid to participate in the challenges in the Water Pipe game. You complete the task by rearranging the position of the water pipes.

The water system in the Water Pipe game is broken. You will have to play the role of plumber and fix these pipes. You complete the task by bringing water from the faucet to the tank. This game will challenge you through levels, the tasks will become more complex with each level. Moreover, when solving the challenges in this game, you practice problem-solving skills. You will have to use all your abilities to be able to solve this task. Now, join the Bad Ice Cream site and play this game.

How to complete the mission

The water pipes are divided into many small pieces. Your task is to rearrange the direction of these pipes to form a complete pipe. This task becomes difficult when you are pressured by time. You will have to arrange these water pipes within 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, the water tank will open and the water will begin to flow through the pipes at a slow speed. You fail the mission when the water leaks out.

How to control: Use the mouse and click on the water pipe to change its direction.