Wobbly Boxing

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All information about Wobbly Boxing

What are you waiting for without participating in Wobbly Boxing? You will relieve stress after a stressful working day by attacking your opponent in the ring.

I believe this game will entertain you by playing interesting, you will be taken to a ring and play the role of a boxer. Your task is to continuously launch attacks and destroy other opponents in the arena. This game has two modes namely single-player mode and two-player mode. Single player mode, you will fight the machine and try to win them. In two-player mode, this game will become more difficult as you face intelligent opponents. You can control two characters at the same time or invite friends to play. The rules of this game are also quite simple and I will talk about the rules of this game shortly.

The rule of this game

You will play as a gladiator and attack the opponent until they drop all of their armor. You use the right mouse button to launch direct punches and use the left mouse button to create horizontal punches. For defense, press the S key to move backward, and to attack use the W key to move forward, and the A and D keys to move left and right. In each match, you need to destroy five of your opponent's shields to win.

I have also experienced this game and I have realized that the best way to take down the opponent is to create continuous punches so that the opponent does not have time to take precautions. If the opponent has taken precautions, you should step back to defend yourself and wait for the opponent to be distracted, then you must immediately counterattack. The game is available on the Bad Ice Cream website, don't be afraid to join this game and relieve stress.