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Some descriptions of Woobies

Immerse yourself in the cute world of animals in the Woobies game. Here, you will shoot guns and rescue these adorable animals from the guillotine.

This game has very unique graphics, the woobies are drawn with fluffy fur. These woobies appear in different colors on the guillotine. You have to shoot bullets of the same color as the woobies to rescue them from the guillotine. This is an interesting game. Are you ready to join this lovely world? Access the Bad Ice Cream website to play.

How to rescue the woobies

Your main task in this game is to rescue the woobies that are stuck on the guillotine. You use the cannon in the bottom corner of the screen and shoot beams of balls and rescue the woobies from the guillotine. The balls that you shoot must match the color of the woobie to save them. When you shoot a cluster of more than 3 woobies of the same color, these woobies will be freed.

Note: You can see the bullet that will appear next at the bottom of the screen. You rely on these bullets to shoot properly.

Control: Drag the mouse to aim and release the mouse to shoot.