World's Hardest Game

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Challenges in World's Hardest Game

World's Hardest Game is a great game for those who love challenges, where you will have to complete difficult missions through 30 different levels.

The only task that you need to perform in this game is to put the yellow dot in the green beacon. However, this task is not easy when it is prevented by moving blue dots. The reason to call this the world's hardest game is that these blue dots move at a speed so fast that you can not control them. As soon as your red dot touches the blue circle you lose instantly. No matter how difficult these challenges are, do not let them beat you, join this game on the Bad Ice Cream website and conquer 30 levels of the game.

Conquer this game

This game will last for 30 different levels, you must pass all 30 levels to be able to apply your score. Each different level will be a checkpoint, when you pass the challenge in the level, the game will take you to the next level immediately. Conversely, when you die, you will be returned to the starting point of that level, not the starting point. The score you apply at level 30 is a number that reflects the number of times you died in all 30 levels. To control your character, you use the directional arrows on the keyboard, the direction of your character's movement will follow the direction of these arrows. You must have a good reflex to be able to pass all the blue dots safely, although this game will not end immediately when you die, however, it will affect the number of points at the end of this game. This game is very difficult but don't be discouraged, play and be the few who can conquer this game.