Cut the Rope: Time Travel

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Discover Cut the Rope: Time Travel

Don't miss the exciting adventures in the Cut the Rope: Time Travel game, here, you have to cut the ropes to help the two Om Nom eat the candy.

This is the sequel to the game Cut the Rope, it still inherits the familiar gameplay and also creates interesting obstacles. This is an adventure through the pirate island and you will have to create a journey through different lands. Currently, the game has 6 main lands and each land will correspond to 5 levels. You need to complete missions with the maximum number of stars to unlock new lands. As long as you collect the required number of stars, a new land will open. Once you have unlocked the new land, you can choose to play at any level you want. You can even skip difficult levels that you cannot play, but you should limit them because this will cause you not to have enough stars to unlock new lands.

Complete the mission in this game

The special thing in this game is that you have to feed 2 Om Noms at the same time, this task will become more difficult than ever. These two Om Noms can stand next to each other and can also stand far apart, but you must cut the strings connecting the candy so that both Om Noms can eat. Corresponding to the two Om Noms, the game also has two candies tied separately. Each Om Nom can only eat one candy, so you cannot complete the mission if any Om Nom is starved. You use the mouse and cut across the rope to release the candy. At some high levels, you will have to use support items such as balloons and inflatable balls. You just need to click on the bubble to make it explode and click on the inflatable ball to push the candy. Please use your intelligence and take advantage of the assistance rights to complete these tasks.