Drift 3

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Join in the dramatic race in Drift 3

Drift 3 is a car race that takes place on an aerial track. In this track, you will face 8 different players and have to try to be the first to finish.

Like in the Drift F1 game, the track of the Drift 3 game takes place in the air. Here, 8 different vehicles will gather at the starting line and start an intense race. The players will have to fight for the winning position. To become the winner, the players must quickly make the turns and finish first. Are you confident that you can win? Let's participate in the race and be the winner!

About gameplay

Drift 3 has simple gameplay, you use the mouse to control your car. Hold the mouse to steer and release the mouse to make your car go straight. You just need to hold the mouse to take the turn, the car will automatically orient in the direction of the track. This is an aerial race, so you must not let this car slide off the track. Once you fall off the track, your race is over, and you fail. In addition, this track is quite slippery, it will slide a bit before turning, so you should turn earlier to avoid failure.