Fantasy Forest

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Discover Fantasy Forest

Immerse yourself in the beautiful forest like a fairy tale of Fantasy Forest. Your mission is to collect all the required plants and pass the level.

If you like adventures like in the Clicker Heroes game then don't miss the Fantasy Forest game. Here, you will discover a fairy forest where there are magical plants. Your task is to collect all these plants within the allotted time. These are all simple tasks, play and create great moments in this game.

How to collect the plants

Different types of plants will appear at different levels. Each level will have a different target. You complete the target at the top of the board to pass the level. Your goal is to collect the required plants within a certain number of moves. When you complete the target and you still have moved, you need to use up these moves. You will really be moved to a new level when you destroy all the plants on the board. The operation to be able to delete the plants is also very simple. You use the mouse and click on the screen to destroy the plants. When 2 plants of the same type stand next to each other, they will disappear from the board. You do this until the target of the game is completed.