Get Twelve

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Introduce Get Twelve

Get Twelve will not disappoint you with challenges related to numbers. You will continuously merge numbers of the same value together to form the number 12.

If you have played the Get 10 game, you will easily understand the gameplay of this game. You will have to merge tetromino blocks in a 5x5 grid. Each merge will form a new tetromino block and increase in value by 1 unit. For example, if you combine 2 tetromino blocks with value 2 it will form a new block with value 3. Note that when merging tetromino blocks, a tetromino block with a random value is on the grid. You use your mouse and click each tetromino block of the same value to merge it, these tetromino blocks will merge right where you just clicked. This game will put you on 2 ways to win or lose, you win when you make a tetromino block of value 12. You lose when you have no more room for new tetromino blocks.

About gameplay

This game has fairly simple gameplay, but you also need a few tricks to quickly complete the game's mission. You always remember your task is to reach number 12 so try to create the highest value tetrominoes. You should place the highest-value tetromino block in a corner and merge the tetrominoes around it. This allows you to control the value of the tetromino as well as calculate the steps. You need to always remember that Tetromino's login position is in the block that you click later so you don't get it wrong, this game doesn't have an undo button so play it carefully.