Smash Karts

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The fiery arena of Smash Karts

Do not be afraid to participate in the endless battle in Smash Karts. You will have to drive the car and eliminate other opponents to be on the leaderboard.

This is a driving game like in Drift F1, but you won't be driving on the air track anymore. You will have to control your car and fight with other cars in an arena. The more opponents you destroy, the higher your position on the leaderboard. What are you waiting for without playing this stimulating game?

Play Smash Karts

Control the car

You crash your car into your opponent to lower their health bar. Pick up mysterious boxes in the arena to get weapons. These weapons have high damage and help you kill your opponents faster. You use the arrow keys to move your car and press the Space button to activate the weapon.

Upgrade your car and choose your character

When you kill the opponents you will get money (10 coins per player). You can use these coins to upgrade your character. Upgrade your car's fire to create more attack power. In addition, you can also use these coins to buy your game's character. Currently, the game has up to 63 characters, you choose the character you like and participate in the race.