Sudoku Daily

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Features of Sudoku Daily

What are you waiting for without playing the Sudoku Daily game? Here, you will have to complete the task of filling in the 9x9 grid with the numbers.

If you are looking for a brain training game then play Sudoku Daily. Like the TicTacToe game, this is a puzzle game. Your task in this game is to fill the 9x9 with numbers. However, the numbers appearing in the grid must not coincide. Are you confident that you can overcome this challenge?

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The rules

This game has simple rules, you place the numbers on the grid so that they do not overlap in the horizontal, vertical, and 3x3 grid. If you overlap more than 3 times, you lose immediately.

Complete the mission

You use the mouse to place the numbers. Numbers will appear from 1 to 9 at the bottom of the board. You focus on each number so that it is easier to find its position. You should compare this number with different positions on the board. In addition, you can also combine horizontal and vertical rows with a small 3x3 grid. When you fill in 9 times for any number, that number will disappear at the bottom of the table.