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About TicTacToe

Invite friends and create great moments in TicTacToe. It is a fun game where the winner is the one who creates a row of the same letters on a 3x3 board.

It is not a dangerous adventure like in the Slope Ball game, TicTacToe is a puzzle game for two. Here, players will take turns typing the letters X and O. The winner is the person who forms a row of letters of the same type.

You can play against the machine in 1 player mode in this game. If you want to play with your friends, you can create a private playroom and invite your friends in. Play and create great moments in this game.

The rules of TicTacToe

This game has very simple gameplay. You and your opponent will quickly alternate X and O at random locations on the map. You are trying to form a string with the same 3 characters. So, when you see an opponent forming a line with 2 characters of the same type you have to block in the remaining position. Since the 3x3 grid is relatively narrow, when you have no space to place the characters on the grid, the game will automatically open another grid. You will play this game until you find the winner.

Control: Use the mouse to place the letter.